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Welcome to the 2017/18 Season

Captains are reminded of league rule 6.8:

"Captains of both teams should enter or confirm the match result ... Where possible this should be done within two days of the fixture, and in any case within a week."

If you run into difficulties do get in touch with me, Steve Lovell, at webmaster [at] (with the obvious replacement of "[at]" with "@").

Latest Results

Match: 4Cambridge Choristers5 - 0Cambridge Examiners
Match: 3Stowmarket0.5 - 4.5Linton Lemurs
Match: 2Ely Bishops2 - 2Cambridge Oddfellows
Match: 1Bury St Edmunds Scorpions4 - 1Bury St Edmunds Scarabs

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Upcoming Fixtures

Match: 5Tue 26 Sep 2017Linton Lemurs v Linton Llamas
Match: 6Wed 27 Sep 2017Cambridge Examiners v Linton Leopards
Match: 7Wed 27 Sep 2017Cambridge Oddfellows v Bury St Edmunds Scorpions
Match: 8Thu 28 Sep 2017Bury St Edmunds Scarabs v Cambridge Choristers
Match: 9Thu 28 Sep 2017Bury St Edmunds E v Bury St Edmunds Vipers

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Match results to be confirmed

  • Match 1: by Bury St Edmunds Scarabs

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  • 35th Bury St Edmunds Congress

    The congress is open for entries. It takes place on the weekend of 28/29 October 2017. Enter via the congress website.

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    To make it easy to share news, we now have a blog. Take a look.

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Match:4 Wed 20 Sep 2017 Cambridge Choristers5 - 0Cambridge Examiners
Board: 1Chris Davison 1911 - 0Richard Tozer 219
Board: 2Philip Fallon 1791 - 0Akito Oyama 206
Board: 3Ole Bay-Petersen 1501 - 0Gert de Block 155
Board: 4Stephen Pride 1441 - 0Harunobu Oyama 108
Match:3 Tue 19 Sep 2017 Stowmarket0.5 - 4.5Linton Lemurs
Board: 1Mark Bettley 124½ - ½Alan Wadsworth 141
Board: 2Dave Green 1220 - 1Patrick Ribbands 138
Board: 3Vicky Allen 1010 - 1Aarnavh Trivedi 121
Board: 4Jenni Rochford 640 - 1Lionel Tun 109
Match:2 Mon 18 Sep 2017 Ely Bishops2 - 2Cambridge Oddfellows
Board: 1Martyn Goodger 182½ - ½Simon Doherty 182
Board: 2Mark Szymanski 1690 - 1John Daugman 154
Board: 3Carl Watkins 164½ - ½Ole Bay-Petersen 150
Board: 4Richard Donaghay 1431 - 0Richard Newman 135
Match:1 Thu 14 Sep 2017 Bury St Edmunds Scorpions4 - 1Bury St Edmunds Scarabs
Board: 1Graham Moore 2070 - 1Mike Harris 214
Board: 2Stephen Gregory 1921 - 0Andrew Shephard 162
Board: 3Ian Wallis 1851 - 0Jaden Jermy 146
Board: 4Tim Lunn 1711 - 0Adam John 138